Sidebar for Tiny Theme is a Micro.blog plugin that adds a sidebar to a blog using Tiny Theme, by Matt Langford. This can be used to show your blog-roll, links, and pretty much anything you can imagine going into a sidebar. It’s designed to be usable out of the box while being customisable to your needs. This site is an example of how it looks (if your viewing this on a mobile phone, change the screen orientation to landscape).


This plugin requires Tiny Theme version 2.7.4 or later to work.

Within Micro.blog:

  1. Go to Plug-ins
  2. Click on Find Plug-ins
  3. Search for “Sidebar for Tiny Theme” and click “Install”

Alternatively, you can click here to see the plugin listing in the Micro.blog Plugin Directory.


Sidebar for Tiny Theme uses the microhook-after-post-list.html microhook to place a sidebar on the post-list that appears on your blog’s home page. By default the sidebar will only consist of your blog recommendations, although this can be changed (see below).

The sidebar adopts the theming of your blog so there shouldn’t be a need to modify the CSS. It will slightly increase the width of any page it’s placed on, so as to avoid making the main body too narrow. To avoid this from happing on small screens, such as phones in the portrait orientation, the sidebar will be completely hidden. Pages without the sidebar will not change.


See Customisation for information on how to customise the sidebar for your site.